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We provide information here about the current public health situation surrounding coronavirus and the related COVID-19 illness as they affect the San Pedro area. We will only update this with confirmed information about effects on our region.

BE AWARE: Face coverings (masks or bandanas) are required when you are in proximity to others who are not from your household. Businesses will deny you entry without appropriate face coverings. You must wear a mask to enter the San Pedro Visitor Center.

Masks are available at Urban Feet, 329 W. 6th Street, Downtown.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has established a color-coded system of COVID-19 threat levels.

The current threat level is ORANGE-HIGH-MINIMIZE ALL CONTACT

This means there is "Severe and uncontrolled level of COVID-19 infection is spreading in the community and overwhelming the health care system. Outbreaks are spreading rapidly and testing and contract tracing is strained or above capacity. Hospitals are at capacity or overwhelmed."

"Residents [and visitors] should stay home and avoid all contact with other people unless they are performing essential activities like going to essential work or visiting a grocery store or medical facility or pharmacy for emergency needs. When residents leave home and are in contact or may be in contact with others, they must wear face coverings and keep six feet apart from other people."

"ALWAYS: Residents should always wear face coverings and keep six feet apart when leaving home. Residents should regularly wash hands, sanitize surfaces and follow all state and local health orders. Residents should immediately isolate and quarantine if believed to be sick or exposed."

Most Recent Updates

July 13, 2020

The San Pedro Visitor Center, 600 S. Pacific Avenue, Downtown San Pedro, is open only for self-service. Visitors may pick up maps, guides, and other information during regular hours. Masks are required to enter the Visitor Center.

July 10, 2020

Most shops and restaurants are open, although they are operating at limited capacity to comply with health orders and avoid crowded spaces. Restaurants have once again been ordered to close their indoor dining rooms. The San Pedro Business Improvement District, however, has installed k-rails on streets around the Downtown area to provide outdoor seating for restaurants. Also, most restaurants are offering carry-out and delivery.

July 1, 2020

Indoor in-person dining has been banned at Los Angeles County restaurants under a revised Public Health Officer order issued today.

Also, indoor museums have been ordered closed.

June 29, 2020

Because of an increasing number of COVID-19 cases, Los Angeles County has ordered beaches to be closed from July 3 through 6. The concern is that crowds at the beaches may cause the virus to spread yet further.

Nearly 3,000 cases were reported today in the county.

June 27, 2020

After a brief period of being allowed to be open, the governor has ordered that bars and night spots must once again close to the public because of a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases in the state. An article about the closure is available by clicking here.

Important Information

Masks or other facial coverings are required state-wide when out in public, in businesses, and other locations in proximity to people who are not from the same household. To learn more about the face mask requirements, click here.

For updates on the impact of the pandemic on Los Angeles area cruises, see San Pedro Cruise News.

To find guidance on the phased reopening of business and attractions, visit the LA County Department of Public Health website article. Click here for the article.

For the current Public Health Officer Order for Los Angeles County, click here.

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