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Visit San Pedro is a volunteer-driven organization. Our volunteers undertake all aspects of its operations.

Team San Pedro logo with San Pedro flags and cross keys denoting hospitality

The main component of our volunteer force is Team San Pedro, the visitor specialists who work in our Visitor Center and along the LA Waterfront and at special events to provide visitors with information about the area, where to dine, and what to do.

We offer a two-hour introductory training session each month.

This program provides an overview of Visit San Pedro, its operations, and standards, along with information about the most commonly-asked questions and information requested by visitors and how to respond. We also have a supplemental online training program to help extend volunteers' knowledge and capabilities.

Volunteers are welcome in operational roles, as well.

And the training is not just for Visit San Pedro volunteers. Anyone who works with visitors for any organization or business and wants to know more about the area, its attractions, and events, is welcome. There is no charge for the training.

We are currently actively recruiting for the following volunteer positions:

  • Visitor Specialists. Work in the Visitor Center greeting visitors and providing information about what to see and do, where to dine and shop. May also work in the Downtown area, Waterfront, and other locations during busy visitor times and special events
  • Calendar Editor. Using our designated online resources, research upcoming area events and condense the information into our calendar format. May also post calendar items to our website and social media
  • Magazine Writers. Research and write articles on assigned topics for our month San Pedro & Peninsula Visitor magazine, which may also be used on our website, in our social media, and other outlets

For more information or to reserve a spot in our training program, call us at 310-729-9828 or email us at

Click here for the online Team San Pedro Volunteer Application